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2022 MBEA Student Awards

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Only students enrolled in a Missouri University or College are eligible to participate.  Students must have been enrolled at the time the project was completed to be eligible.

Only material produced between Jan. 1, 2021 and Dec. 31, 2021 is eligible.

Students are required to secure permissions (talent, locations, copyrighted materials, etc.) prior to submission.  MBEA will not be responsible for entrants who use materials, talent, locations, etc. without permission.

Entries will be submitted using the OpenWater Media Awards Platform.

Students may submit multiple entries, provided the following:

  • A single project may only be submitted once.
  • Students may enter multiple projects into the same category, but may only win one award per category.

Entrants must pay the entry fee at the time of submission.

  • $10 for students at a MBEA Member Institution. Click here to see a list of Member Institutions.

  • All entries for the 2022 Contest will be submitted as if they are member institutions (lowering the $25 per entry for students at schools that are NOT a MBEA Member Institution) because of the waived membership fees for 2022.

  • Online payments are required.  Checks will no longer be accepted as of the 2022 contest.

Judging & Awards

Judging of all the entries will be done by broadcasting professionals or qualified faculty (who have no conflicts of interest in the categories in which they will judge).  Awards will be handed out at the next MBEA meeting, or mailed to the MBEA faculty member listed as the contact person at the student’s college/university.  Judges in 2022 will be instructed to take COVID restrictions into account when judging entries.